I want to see a world where everyone is valued for being themselves. I recon who we are is tied into what we’re enthusiastic about. To discover who we are, I recon we need to create a new space. A safe place.

A place, a community, where we’re free / encouraged / enabled to play, experiment and express ourselves free of judgement. Would we not only find a joy for ourselves in the moment but also be a vessel for expressing something of that joy to the world?
I want to live in this place A world where everyone is valued for being themselves …so we can exist in the world confident and secure that what we do, who we are in the moment, is enough. Enough to play our part, enough that we would have life to the full. Maybe enough for God.

So I’m offering my time to people for them to experiment with sound, images, words. I set challenges to allow people to express themselves in their way and value those expressions irrespective of skills, and let those expressions be available to bring some joy to others.

I want to help people understand and find expression to who they are… so they might reflect the glory of God in this world.

The holy grail of life… to be valued for being ourselves, to know our place in this world and to be used by God.

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