Trying to write tracks to assist in language re-development for people who have suffered a stroke… songs with gaps and repeating useful phrases… started with developing a song with my friends speech therapist (Kellyann) using George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’ but with ‘A is for apple, B is for boat etc… (not recorded here).

Lead me onto writing songs with useful phrases to use in, or gaps to insert the persons name, and songs about people in the person’s life.

4 rough drafts below:

Here are a few more ideas…. Lyrics to some of the songs, dot chart to aid recalling the melody, blank sheet for client and helper to fill out song with favourite words to learn, products to encourage remembering items or people, ‘One, band together’ logo idea to help feel like client id part of something bigger…. let’s have a gathering where clients can sing songs together.

Also made me think of Sally Magnusson who started playlist for life (Saw her at Greenbelt last year). that advocate putting playlists together for dimentia sufferers.

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