Even the things that don’t fit should be included in the system…. Giovani Dettori

The world is full of counterpoint… Two sounds playing simultaneously create a dissonance… through counterpoint we learn to control it, work with it.

In Correllies concerto grosso 8 theres loads of dissonance (lacking harmony)… as in life, we all fit in some way, we can, even when our path is more dissonant than others. The more dissonant our life, the more exciting and exceptional the resolution when we find it. not trying to make everything beautiful but is including everything.

The bringing together of all these different voices blend together as an ethical act. trying grasp the whole.

When we include the dissonance inside the system it won’t break it it will make it richer, its what makes life spicy!I would live polititions to learn from this message – Dont be afraid of dissonance, include the different inside the system, it won’t break it, if handled with care, dissonance is what makes like spicy!
Giovani Dettori

Keep things complicated, it won’t break if we do.

Theatre space

Courage, anxiety, change…

“If you just pick one human you can change for the better, with work that might not work — that’s what art is.” Seth Godin

Seth Godin in conversation with Debbie Millman

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