Is creativity simple about bringing two things together in any way that you feel you want to? Arranging, aligning, sorting….

dotsFrom putting ‘John’ into ‘accounts’ to putting the dishwasher on first and then doing the ironing. Putting red with green. Aligning pictures and thoughts, or just words into a sentence.

Maybe real original creativity is about bringing two things together for the first time…

If you were to arrange these coloured dots, how you would like them to be?, how do you feel is the right way?, we’d all do it differently, not randomly but differently… or dare I say creatively.

It takes experimentation, and a willingness to suspend the thought of what might go wrong, with the thought of what might be discovered.

I often imagine we partner with ‘the muse’, the creator of the universe… what ever you want to call it. People often talk of simply being in the way when the idea popped into their heads, and it was all they could do just to scribble it down as soon as possible.

So¬† experiment away, play, bring new things together, imagine new ways of living, align new things, try new colours…. let yourself be the creative being you are.

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