Being a human

human t-shirtSo we have a little gathering every now and then to share a few songs and thoughts. We call it The Open Practice, ‘human night’. Basically because we need some humans to respond to what we’ve created. Just for fun we’ve made some t-shirts.

This threw up a question from one of our valued ‘humans’, Sonia: ‘Is being human only about the open practice music sessions?’

The essence of the evening is about participation… maybe part of being a ‘human’ is coming to something (being in a space) where one can engage, respond and contribute by bringing their own thoughts and ideas.

If only someone would make spaces for people and their ideas. I don’t know…. somewhere to gather, join in, be encouraged and enabled to be yourself, play a part and make a difference….

Maybe being an official ‘human’ gives you permission to allow yourself to explore what being you, being human, being fully alive, really means.

What would the world look like if we were all fully aware and engaged with being who we were made to be? Out in the world being ‘live’ in our own lives, engaged in the things that were important to us and were good for all humanity. In a place in our lives, physically and mentally, where we knew some peace, could see a way forward.

 So who is allowed to be a ‘human’?

Perhaps new ‘humans’ should always be invited to join by an existing ‘human’? Not to make it exclusive, but to allow the current ‘humans’ play a part in the expansion of the idea, by inviting someone they think should come along. Perhaps someone who might feel encouraged by the evening to start their own journey into being themselves, playing a part and making a difference.

So, ‘Is being human only about the open practice music sessions?’ Maybe that’s not up to me.




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