Finding our ‘place’ and ‘way’ in the world.

Although we are the same parts, how can we be changed into something a new? Or how can our true self be revealed? and what impact would that have on the individual and the world if we were encouraged an enabled to be, and find expression to, our true selves? Enabled to respond to the world in a positive way that makes sense to us.

I’ve used a chair, photographed from different angles to create new ‘beings’ to illustrate notion of being seen in a new way, being enabled to flourish in a new way, and play our part in the world by being revealed a new.

A chair becomes a new creation when looked at afresh. A world of chairs, and an image of flowers, created by tiny chairs illustrating that all the tiny parts have a part to play in creating a thing of beauty. There’s even the flag for Waceville, a land where everything is in its place and way.

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