What is this ‘photoshopped reality’ we’re supposed to find real?

What is this ‘photoshopped reality’ we’re supposed to find real?

Is it only me, or should the press mark images as having been retouched?. Images are so powerful, and a retouched one can distort our view of the ‘real’ world.

I’m sure there were banner holders at this event holding these banners, but by presenting it in a way that makes it look like there were more of them, isn’t one misrepresenting the event… misrepresenting the truth?

Models in magazines are retouched to make them look perfect, and I think we can all agree on the negative effect that has on the self esteem of normal humans, both men and women.

Both cases make us engage with, and have to deal with, a world that doesn’t actually exist.

We mark written stories as a work of fiction (e.g. this is not real so don’t take it literally), so why not images? I work in the design industry and am asked to ‘clean up images’, but is there a line crossed here for the press to present reality to us all and not leave us stressed about something that never happened, or something we’ll never achieve.

How about a small ‘R’ in a square in the corner of an image with ‘retouched image is only a representation of reality’ in corner?

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