Play idea: Love your neighbour as yourself…?

Play idea: Love your neighbour as yourself…?

Luke 10. 27: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

This has always jumped out at me as a challenge and a question…. does one have to love oneself (first) to be able to love others in the way God wants you to love them? or, how much to you put aside somethings than need doing (feeding the starving) to pursue what you think God is calling you to do (e.g. dancing)?

Idea for a play:
Started working on a play about a vicar who goes out every day with others to feed the starving children (20 out of 10 million) in his neighbourhood. he befriends one of the children (Azuma). He is in a battle though that his calling (what God is asking him to do) is to dance and express something of God’s joy through dance. He chooses to stop going to feed the children and learn to dance. the other child feeders slag him off. Although he makes his fortune dancing and returns to feed all the children, Azuma has died…. giving the food he was given, to others. John is traumatised about whether he’s done right thing or not. Azuma is dead but the rest of the 10 million saved. Should he have followed what he thought God was asking him to do or continued to go and feed the 20 children every week…. ?someone reasons with him ‘every life is precious buy many were saved.’

John: ‘there must be a greater plan than I can understand, am I missing something here?!’ (angry). I didnt know someone had to die’

Saved children now re enter stage:
Child 1: ‘what you did saved me, I’ve set up a charity to supply food to everyone in the world’
Child 2: ‘what you did saved me, I’ve (doing a positive thing in the world)

Real people now join the stage (e.g. Val who has started third space) – or people playing people in the audience.
Val: ‘what you did saved me, I’ve set up a space where people can xxxxx….
Carey: ‘what you did saved me, I’ve set up a space where people can xxxxx….

John: ‘one died, but many were saved’.

(Can perform at next happening.)


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