Met with some friends, got them to bring some old t-shirts. Encouraged the parent to paint/spray the shirt with stencil. ‘I AM LOVED’ backwards. Child puts t-shirt on and looks in mirror, reads I AM LOVED for himself. It’s a message his parent wants him to know…. and maybe God wants him to know….and its a good way to recycle old t-shirts!

Into Africa?

I wondered if this could be transferable, transportable to Africa to decorate old tshirts with a message to encourage the wearer… even if it was ‘painted’ with mud and water…. wonder if there’s an African term/phrase that means I AM LOVED….. All you need to take is the plastic template and a sponge….. maybe just a star shape would do (you are a star)… I have this picture of walking down an African street blobbing muddy stars on all the kids tshirts…!

Now I’m seeing small packs of three stencils, a sponge and a blessing to give/arm/sell to churches to enable people to know they are loved… and maybe raise some money for someone?


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