The Manifesto :2 (A Solution)

The Manifesto :2 (A Solution)

A Solution

First off we have a choice. Do you want to;
A: Play a positive part in changing the world for the better (Enabling the development of humanity).
B: Destroy life and the world?

Let’s assume we want to Play a positive part in changing the world for the better. Firstly we have to find a way of valuing ourselves. If society isn’t valuing us, we have to look within. Because if we don’t value (love, feel ok about) ourselves how are ever going to value anything else.

We have to find a way of giving people the space to rediscover the reason for their life. We have to value what’s going on, inside each of us, we have to give people space to engage, play, experiment and discover what makes them feel alive, we need to help people find a role, a way forward. A reason for getting up in the morning. Let people be themselves, play a part and make a positive difference.

Chair world. everyone in their place and way.

Chair world. everyone in their place and way.

What would the world look like if everyone was in their place and knew the way forward? engaged, fulfilled, active humans, contributing to society according to their skills and talents, playing a part. Making a difference.

We all want to play a part, But only by going through the isolation of finding out who we are do we find our place.



The Manifesto (1)

The Manifesto (1)

I see a world in which humanity is not reaching it’s potential, I see people blocked, passive and disconnected. I see people spending their time either giving up and watching videos of cats falling off sofas, or getting very angry. Either way leads to it’s own sort of death.

So I want to create a space that says, “What is it YOU want to do?”. A judgeless space where we can just come in, chill out, join in, and discover what we like to do. A space where you can begin to respond to those internal nudges to want to try or do something or engage with something – an activity, a place, a dream. Tiny things, huge things. The things we keep secret, keep buried because of fear. 

A space that gives us permission and the confidence to bring our thoughts and ideas into the world. A space that encourages and enables and allows everyone to be themselves, play a  part and make a difference. A space that uses the ideas of the community, to shape the community.

I believe our journey of reconnection starts with us realising and admitting to ourselves the things we love, and the things we want to do (beyond romance and the relationships). A space where we can switch off from the distractions of life, gather, and experiment with activities, and reconnect and realign ourselves again with who we really are. Creating this safe space, aside from what we would call the real world, to play and experiment and discover our lives, seems vital. Somewhere to respond to the internal nudges, the lights that go off in our minds, and to act on these ideas and actions.

If we can test our ideas against the questions; “Will it be good for me? Will it be good for the people around me? Will be good for the environment?”  and answer with a ‘yes’, then we should be encouraged and be enabled to explore and do the next thing to help make those ideas become a reality.

I imagine a permanent space that sits and waits for us to come and be ourselves, that helps us find our place and way forward, gives us a reason to get up in the morning and allows us to be engaged in a meaningful life.

What will the world look like once everyone is a fully living humans? Will we, in some crazy way, create a balanced happy world just by being ourselves? I guess this is the experiment. Is worth trying? I say YES.

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