Frankly I think I’m caring less what you call things… if you do them and then let the world name them. If it ‘moves’ someone, if it ‘touches’, if it ‘helps’, if it’s ‘good’, then let it be those things. Just present your thoughts in a way that makes sense to you and let them be, without the pressure of having to be seen through some socially accepted filter. ‘is it art, is it evangelism, is it food, is it acting, is it real’? Who cares.
if folks start looking at, experiencing things, through the pre-filters then they might just miss the point and treat it in a different way.

This next bit is the pre ramblings I got board with and replaced with the above statement

There still seems a little confusion regarding whether they are creating an art piece or and evangelistic outreach thing. (Perhaps the art just asks the questions and the other tries to convince you of something?) This is fine, but each allows you to do different things I believe. The art notion allows to explore and suggest, while the evangelistic outreach suggest you already know the truth and are attempting to make that accessible for someone… both are valid I guess.

There still seems a journey from the idea in an artist form, to then it becoming an outreach evangelistic exercise, and a pressure of ‘how are we going to share it, and prove it’ sometimes watering down the simplicity of the ‘expression’ and the honest place where the artist is at, that someone might come and see (in a gallery form) as opposed to it being actively brought to someone. People can smell propaganda a mile off, the danger is people feel they are trying to be convinced of something instead of the piece offering some space where the artist and the viewer can meet in their thinking and journey together. We all have doubts, we all have interpretations we all have our own understandings, even within the believers of one faith. When we express the reality of our own journey, people can see the sincerity, and have a chance to empathise with the a real person’s thoughts and the reality of their faith, and perhaps experience the reality of a faith journey rather than simply retelling the story from the bible.

It might be interesting to organise a space where their ‘expressions’ can be left in a more traditional gallery format. This might allow them to take more risks and just let a simple idea be simple. They don’t have to worry about getting too many messages across (do I mention Jesus etc…. ?) and the piece can just be asking the questions rather than trying to paint the whole picture and convince someone of the notions of God.
One could title the exhibition ‘notion of Jesus, notion of God’ or something to give the thoughts some context. May you could then have a simple tableaux (photo of), floating balloon chain, shirt with ‘I would give everything for you’, a recipe card with a holy bread recipe on it, an indistructable piñata, a drill powered by the holy spirit…

More to come


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